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Learn with TicTic - Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy covers the TicTic Full Versions apps developed by Tinoon EIRL.

Personal Information

Tinoon EIRL does not collect personal information from TicTic Full Version.

Anonymous usage information

Tinoon EIRL collects anonymous usage information to help us improve our services and applications.

My Photo Album

The personal content entered in the My Photo Album of TicTic is not collected by Tinoon EIRL. This personal content remains in the ecosystem of the app and can be edited and deleted by the user of the app.


Linking out of TicTic Full version (for example to access the camera to create custom content) is made after the user passes what is called a parental gate. A parental gate helps verifying the age of the user by asking the user to correctly answer a question difficult to answer by a young child.

In app purchase

The free versions of TicTic have in app purchase that allows to unlock all the content with a single purchase.


TicTic Full Version does not contain any third party advertising.


We reserve the right, at any time, to add to, change, update, or modify this Policy.